T-Mobile Snubs Nokia’s Ovi

In August of last year, Nokia announced a new service initiative called Ovi. Through this branding and portal, Nokia made plans to offer games, music, mapping, GPS and other services to their phone users. This move would skip right past the network operators who really enjoy cashing checks each month based on those exact services. You see, companies like Verizon and AT&T love to force users to go through them to get access to internet, news, music, and whatever other services they can bottleneck you into. It was only a matter of time before the carriers started fighting back.

Word is spreading that T-Mobile is dumping all of the Nokia handsets with Ovi software services. It’s not known whether it specifically will affect T-Mobile Germany or if the move is part of a larger worldwide initiative. Not only are they dropping Ovi phones, but it’s also being reported that they are offering 10 Nokia handsets in all as opposed to the 15 they offered a month ago.

Source: WirtschaftsWoche magazine.