Blackberry $150 Million Dollar Fund

So, what has gotten my attention this week? Google, Sprint, Clearwire deal? No, it’s actually this $150 million Blackberry Fund thing I have been reading about just recently on Venturebeat. Unfortunately, the article got taken down like a lame horse. I want to talk a little on the Blackberry Fund, on how would it benefit RIM and their beloved Blackberry.

The announcement of the fund is somewhat surprising to me. Who would have guessed that RIM cares about third-party developers since the development tools for the Blackberry, according to my brief research, is worst at best. If RIM is so keen on getting developers to adopt the platform on a more grand scale, then they should provide developers with a little friendlier environment for magic to happen.

Throwing money at developers to adopt your platform is not a surety for success when the development area sucks. Unless RIM steps up to the table then all this may just backfire in the worst possible manner. Developers are flocking towards Google Android and the iPhone not only because of the possible earnings, but also because of the innovative nature of both platforms, (one more than the other) and the fact that they are fairly easy to develop with. RIM has yet to prove that their platform will act as such.

RIM is in this position which looks like they’re trying to mimic what Apple does. Because of this late foray into creating a BlackBerry for the general public they appear to only be making this version of the iPhone killer – just like everybody else. It’s surprising to me how big corporations with a bunch of guys in suits at the helm fail to see where the future is headed and where they are going wrong. Two heads may be better than one, but anymore than that and it’s likely a catastrophe.

This $150 million fund by RIM is to be a direct bullet towards the forehead of Apple. It’s clearer now that RIM sees Apple and their iPhone as a direct threat. With the invasion of Google Android just right around the corner, RIM is getting ready for eminent battle with two very big contenders.

My wise words to RIM? Just adopt Google Android and let that be the end of it. What am I saying, they’ll never think about that even once.

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