For the Last Time, There is No Delay

Wow, I could spend the rest of my day putting out fires. It looks like every tech site and cellular blog on the internet is reporting on the “news” that Android has been delayed. In some cases, they are saying things like “again”. I will be very blunt – There is no delay for Android.

Since the inception of the Open Handset Alliance and the news around Android started we were told that we’d see handsets in the second half of 2008. So, here we are on the eve of that window. Here’s some Calendar 101 for some of you guys – The 4th quarter makes up 50% of that “second half of 2008” we’ve been talking about.

Find me the product, device, or service that has had to push its launch back. Point to an article that shows a delay for Android and I will show you an older one that tells you that you’re only half right.

The problem I have with all these tech sites is that they keep pushing the same article without fact checking. Doesn’t anyone do their homework? Sites bigger than us, including mainstream media, are really out of touch on this one.

Here is what you can expect until we tell you otherwise…

HTC and T-Mobile are probably going to be the only company putting out a device with Android this year. Look for it around Thanksgiving. That’s the same thing we’ve been saying for better part of a year now. In fact, our first post on the subject came on November 14th of last year.

So why are there two other articles on AndroidGuys talking about a delay? For starters, that’s one of the things you deal with when you have multiple writers covering similar topics. More specifically, the first article dealt with some of the reasons why Android is taking so long to come out. The second one just confirms that we’ll be seeing Android in the 4th quarter and not in the 3rd like some of us would hope.

  • Todd

    Fear, uncertainty and doubt ( FUD ) Perfected by Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in an attempt to haul the tidal wave of IT professionals from abandoning expensive Windows Server operating system for free Linux ( epic fail on that by the way ).

    Dig deep and you’ll find the news outlet who have the carriers as advertisers are the ones spreading the FUD. The carriers using a page straight out of the Microsoft plat book, and why not, it’s the same “enemy” – Linux.

  • bdjnk

    The most important thing that Google and the OHA can do right now is stay calm. When you are trying to break into a crowded market it is vital to bring something which is awesome. And even more crucial, something which is bug free. If you release flawed product on your first go, you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot, but in the head.

    The OHA should take as long as it needs to get their first phones right. Even if they are delayed into 2009. Hype can be generated, quality takes time and testing. Here is hoping Google does the smart thing and ignores the pressure from the naysayers.

    My feelings can be summed up in a few simple words for the OHA. ‘Please don’t release a half baked product. Take your time. Do it right.’

  • Jason

    I’m glad you were enlightened by Engadget’s post and decided to mimic it. Refereshing stuff… /sarcasm

  • Lefty

    Simple facts of the matter: for an Android-based phone to come out from a carrier in 2008, it’d have to be a) finished and b) in carrier testing by now. Clearly, Android’s not finished at this point. (In fact, “having problems with Chinese characters” in quite probably a major disaster at this stage of the game: if the system isn’t managing Unicode or localization correctly–and why that should be is difficult to imagine, did they just forget?–that’s a big problem for more than Chinese, and quite likely not an easy one to correct…)

    And based on a couple of decades of experience actually shipping commercial operating systems, I can tell you that when a project like this gets pushed back to the outer limit of the time frame it was originally (publicly) slated for, it’s going to wind up getting pushed back some more.

    They won’t hit 2008 with this. You guys keep on whistlin’ past that graveyard, though. Android, meet Copland…

  • Does the fact that some of the members of the alliance are now joining other alliances mean anything?

  • PW Herman

    @Jason – These guys had their stuff up before Giz or Engadget. They ARE an Android fan site after all. This stuff just comes and goes on the bigger sites.

  • Scott Webster

    Vitor – That’s a good point to bring up. Admittedly, it does raise flags when you see them joining “competitors” like LiMo, however some of them were members before joining the OHA. I think a handful of these companies just see value in mobile. The OHA definitely gets more attention than the others if not for Google alone. I’m excited to see what all of the players do to keep each other innovative. This only forces companies like Microsoft, RIM, and Apple to work harder.

  • Limo?!? I’m talking about the Symbian Foundation. Most of the major players in OHA just joined Nokia.

  • AS

    bdjunk – GREAT point! Google cannot afford to do with Android what it has done with almost every other product it has released lately: early release with beta tag, lacking some key features, may be even having a few bugs, and improving incrementally over time. When you are targetting the mobile market with so many established players, it is EXTREMELY important that the first version of the product be great. First impressions matter a lot here.

  • Phil

    Seriously, wall street journal, this is ridiculous…
    And look at this BS:

    Let me quote “Google now expects Linux-based Android phones to ship in the fourth quarter instead of the second half of this year, according to a report”…REALLY!? Let me think back to 2nd grade….isn’t the fourth quarter part of the second half of this year? Isn’t the 4th quarter HALF of the second half of this year?

  • >>>I’m talking about the Symbian Foundation. Most of the major players in OHA just joined Nokia.

    Big deal. If Palm came out with their new OS and said they’d license it, you’d have the same group of companies lining up.

    It’s called hedging your bets.

    Besides: Symbian? Are you freaking serious?!!?

  • >>>And based on a couple of decades of experience actually shipping commercial operating systems, I can tell you that when a project like this gets pushed back to the outer limit of the time frame it was originally (publicly) slated for, it’s going to wind up getting pushed back some more.

    And so, Lefty, tell us again how many companies are going to be shipping ACCESS ALP phones this year?


    Lefty does not disclose he works (used to?) for ACCESS, with its pitiful and no-licensee has-been OS. The Copland of PalmOS: Cobalt.

  • Phil, if you actually think back to 2nd grade you will find that the period from July to December is different from the one from October to December or is it not? It’s not on time but so what? It’s the first time Google has put some kind of date on anything instead of keeping a beta program for 5 years, they are new at this. That’s not what’s important.

  • @11 – Mike, you should get out of McMerica sometime. You would find that the US market just woke up to the mobile phone industry, your cell phone companies have been holding consumers hostage for a long time. Regarding mobile communication you seem like Cubans really. Don’t be so quick to dismiss anything just yet, no one will take you seriously.

  • @Vitor: Yes, I know other countries are far ahead of America in terms of, for example, both cell networks and unlocked phones being a right. That still won’t help Nokia. Nokia was on top not because they were so great, but because their competition was so lousy. That game is over.

  • Phil

    Vitor…please re-read your posts before you post :), and also think back to your 2nd grade class

    October – December IS part of the second half of this year, is it not? In fact, it is. Google said that a phone will be released with Android during the second half of the year. So, if the phone is released Dec. 31st, 2008, THE PHONE WILL BE ON SCHEDULE STILL. No delay at all.

    Come on people.

    But instead of me being a grade school teacher, lets talk about and make rumors of HTC Dream specs 🙂 And will HTC be first to release Android phone, or are the rumors that Samsung will do it in September gonna be true? What ever happened to looking up FCC docs? I tried, but nothing on the Dream? Maybe it’s called Omni with FCC?

  • @15 No Phil, you read again.
    I didn’t say October – December WAS NOT part of the second half of this year or did you read that somewhere? What I said is JULY to DECEMBER is not the same thing as OCTOBER to DECEMBER. Which part did you not understand? I never said it would not be on schedule.

  • @ 15 I don’t think you got my point Mike, I’m not defending this or that. It’s a good thing that the market is shaking. What I mean is you just woke to mobile communication and all of a sudden you all know what’s best, who’s gonna win, who’s gonna die or which game will be over. Relax man, let’s just wait for it. I’m sure something good will come out of it for everyone and maybe no one will die. You surely don’t want to see a monopoly been established, even if it’s by an American company, do you?

  • Oops! My comment #17 was obviously addressed to #16 not 15. Hoep that made any sense. Sorry.

  • Phil

    Vitor…let’s just end this, we’re all looking forward to the Android phones THIS YEAR 🙂

    however, no, i wasn’t talking about the months, i was commenting on your quote “It’s not on time but so what?…”, while, it is still indeed on time. even more so was i commenting on the website i posted, and all the other google hits you get when you type in htc dream delayed or whatever you type in


    htc dream specs anyone? same thing as omni? whats the titanium?

  • Lefty

    Good grief, Mikey, are you still stalking me?

    Get a life, for heaven’s sake. Get a job.

  • dplante

    so im a sprint guy, and i wana know, when is android coming to sprint?, or at least the touch pro, and could i put android on it myself?

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