TomTom’s Tele Atlas On Android

Tele Atlas, a Dutch Digital Map maker has signed a 5 year deal with Google which will see its maps been included in cellphones based on Android including other Google services. We think this deal will do good things for the big G as they venture deeper into the mobile arena where they could, just maybe become kings.

According to the Wall Street Journal… the agreement is the latest evidence of the increasing demand for global positioning satellite, or GPS, services — particularly for people on the move.

Tele Atlas will provide maps for Android when it is launched later in the year. Hopefully it see any of the so-called ‘delays’ that seem to get traction over the internet.

  • Helmore

    TomTom is since recently the owner of Tele Atlas, could this tell us something about a future TomTom application for on Android in the future?

  • TareX


    But in reality, all I want is the full Google Earth on mobile with ENKIN.

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