Google’s Conflicts of Interest

As Google gets bigger and bigger, and expanding their reach into different service areas, they are running the risk of conflict of interest. As it has been said before, Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO has a seat on the Apple board. He revealed earlier in June, that he has left the room during several Apple board meetings several time when the iPhone comes up. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Android is practically a direct competitor to the device. Where one is software only and the other is a handset and platform, it would still be like having the head of Wal-Mart sitting in on Target’s discussions.

There are a few other notable Google conflicts with various board members to take note of.

John Doerr sits on the Amazon board. The web giant offers services which compete with Google’s App Engine. He also invests on startups writing applications for the Iphone, having tossed some money into the Apple iFund’s $100 million pool.

John Hennessy is a member of Cisco’s board. This could be an issue as Google and Cisco can’t seem to agree on who should get the biggest swath of the new wireless spectrum.

Sergey Brin’s wife, Ann Wojcicki is a founder of bio startup 23andMe which Google threw a little venture capital towards.

Director Ann Mather served as a board member for before eBay scooped it up. Don’t forget that eBay and PayPal have a similar agenda to Google Checkout. She might remember a thing or two from when she worked there.

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