T-Mobile 3G Network Ramping up to Coincide with Dream Release?

There’s a rumor running around the blogosphere that T-Mobile is fast at work on the 3G network for major rollout in the 4th quarter. We’re talking about cities and markets like Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego, Tampa, Seattle, San Francisco, L.A, Miami, Minneapolis, Orlando, Detroit, and more.

Now, it’s not really a surprise that they would be building up their network. It’s just a matter of time before these cities get their T-Mobile upgrades. The news comes in the fact that they are expediting it to hit in the same time frame as the HTC Dream handset. The Dream is the first Android-based device to come from a founding partner of the Open Handset Alliance.

Launching 3G in 20 markets at one time is the hot rumor of the day. Allegedly, T-Mobile will flipping the switch to “ON” for these cities on October 1st. While we’ve not been able to get anything concrete to back it, the Dream’s launch date is also tied to this date. This is the first we’ve heard this as almost everything we’ve come across so far is closer to the end of the year.

The first Android device is not something that’s going to come sliding in under the radar. It’s going to have a lot of fanfare and hype surrounding it. It’s difficult for us to believe this October launch for the phone. The network? Yeah, sure we could see that. It seems more likely that T-Mobile is pushing harder to speed the rollout up specifically for the Dream.

There are going to be a lot of features on Android handsets that will work much smoother with a 3G network. Of course, EDGE will be available, but in order to get the real time updates and location based stuff to work best, it is in T-Mobile’s interest to get the 3G up in as many places as possible. Who wants a device hampered by network capabilities? Well, come to think of it, that didn’t stop people from buying the first iPhone.

Stay tuned to AndroidGuys as we’ll try to dig deeper and bring you more information.

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