He’s Going to be in Trouble

Jean-Baptiste Queru, a member of the Google Android Team, starts out a post in a July 11th posting on Google Groups with “I’m going to get into trouble for this post…” So what was the top topic? The thread dealt with recent accusations of a lack of openness in Android.

Some Android developers launched a petition on Android Google Groups complaining that Google hadn’t updated the Android SDK since March 2008. Also a complaint is that Google hasn’t communicated about Android since Google I/O.

We understand your pain, we communicate it back up to our management, we’re not happy about the situation either, we’d love more openness too. And, just like anybody else, we don’t like to read implications that we’re lazy, or that we’re liars, or that we don’t care about you.” – Jean-Baptiste Queru

Is Google so hard at work on getting the platform out for a Q4 release that they are forgetting to talk about Android?

If you’d like to read the discussion and keep up with the replies, head over to the original post.

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