Google Working on “Branded Mobile Phone” After All? [UPDATE]

Call this one “The Rumor That Wouldn’t Die”. It seems like every few weeks a new rumor sprouts up regarding Google and an actual gPhone. We’re pretty skeptical folks here at AndroidGuys when it comes to this topic so we’re gonna do the whole “grain of salt” thing.

TechCrunch has a source that swears that Ammunition Group is designing a Gphone and “that it is a seriously beautiful device.” Let’s back up a second and start with something The Hollywood Reporter is stating in a recent article.

The trio of Google execs also used the opportunity to talk about the inroads the company is making with its own branded mobile phone as a replacement for the iPhone, as well as the Chinese market and how they’re treated there — and even Google’s inhouse educational programs and the salaries and potential of teachers.

Okay, so plenty of people have been confused between Android, gPhone, devices, and platforms. It’s probably gonna continue to happen until the first devices come out from major handset makers and people realize that there is no actual Google Phone, but rather a lineup of phones. This alone is not enough to sway us. Now, back to Ammunition Group…

Ammunition GroupAmmunition Group has done work with some pretty high profile companies. Looking through their portfolio, we see things for Microsoft, HP, Nike, Dell, and Polaroid. The form factor of their products is very unique looking and forward-thinking. Could they make a neat looking phone? I’m quite positive they could. They’ve already done some work for Sprint and have some pending patents out there now for the carrier. (See picture to left)

Are they working on a Google Phone? That’s still tough to figure out. We heard an awful lot of stuff last year at this time from people claiming to have inside sources or people “close to the situation.” Here’s a different thought for you guys; What if Google has Ammunition Group working on a device that runs Android, but isn’t a phone? Maybe they have a Kindle killer coming for you ebook folks. Maybe they have a set top box for your television. It could simply be a Google camera that runs Android, automatically uploading photos to your Picassa account. Don’t forget that Android isn’t confined to cell phones.

Whatever it is, we’ll be watching this rumor closely. On a scale of 1-10, we might be slightly above a 5 right now.

UPDATE: Silicon Alley Insider has an article that clears things up a little bit. Like we thought, it seems people are still getting Android and gPhones confused.

So what is with the TechCrunch source within Ammunition Group? I’m still sticking with the idea that they may be working on something with Android, just not “The gPhone.”

  • Slow Sunday News – using heresay as opposed to a direct quote from the Google execs to stoke these flames – I wouldnt put too much stock into it – for now.

  • TareX

    What is it 2007? They better stop the rumors and bring a new real solid phone. By the end of the year, Android will be eaten alive by Tegra, WM7 and eye-candy iPhone 3rd part apps, unless they release a real phone, now./

    It’s too late for rumors.

  • Todd

    Oh brother, this again? My default reply to the obtenth time the subject of a physical “gPhone” being sold by Google: They already sell hardware, they’re just not very good at:

    And their hardware sells in very low volume, and is expensive. So it is not that big of a deal if they decide to make very, very low volume expensive phones, in fact who cares? The One Box isn’t a threat to Dell, and some $1000 branded phone won’t drive Apple or Nokia out of the phone business.

    Come on people! Its the Android OS software when combined with Mobile AdSense that is the BIG deal!!!

  • Todd

    Re update: “So what is with the TechCrunch source within Ammunition Group” – Mr. Arrington has truly lost his way. TechCrunch used to be a great source for information ( circa 2005 ). But now it’s just this lame echo chamber for all his conflicts of interest ( he invests in Silicon Valley company, promotes them on his blog as “news” and writes hatchet pices on competing products ).

    I actually deleted TechCrunch from my feed reader earlier this year after Arrington started calling for employees at Twitter to be fired, a tacky, self serving ( claims to hate Twitter, but uses it to promote his blog. WTF? ) hate fest of negativity.

  • bdjnk

    So Google is not making there own phone, doesn’t mean Ammunition Group isn’t working on a Android phone. With that in mind, the design deparments of most of the OHA handset manufacturers have been doing fine these past years. The only one that has failed to come up with anything inovative is Motorola. They need some amunition badly, and hopefully we are going to get a new awsome handset.

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