Android to Fend Off iPhone Using Great Wall of China?

What if Android could tap into that 1 billion potential mobile phone customers in China, while having little threat coming from the iPhone? Sounds impossible right? Well not according to Analysts Bill Hughes who predicts that Android-based phones will increase to 17.1 million in 2009, following a slow start in 2008 of 500,000 units. He didn’t stop there – he went on to say that Android will outsell iPhones about 3 to 1, or 96.9 million units to 33.4 million units by 2012 with a majority of those sales coming from China.

Hughes says that China will put a lot of muscle behind the Android platform mainly because its free and is Linux, unlike the iPhone which has a proprietary OS based on Unix. If Google keep playing the role of the good guys with the Chinese government it is possible that Android could be chosen as the Linux Mobile OS of choice for the whole of China. That alone could spell doom for competitors hoping to crack into the Chinese market.

Do you remember a certain Ministry of Economic Affairs wanting a Google Android Test Center in Taiwan? To me, that is a little bit of proof that Google be getting in bed with the Chinese. Who knows what they could be doing when the light goes out… Let your imagination wander a bit!

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