Motorola Suing Former Executive Who Took Apple Job

Motorola is suing a former executive for allegedly violating a non-compete agreement. Mike Fenger quit Motorola in March as senior VP of mobile devices for Europe, Middle East and Africa and moved on to join Apple. He’s now their head of global iPhone sales for Apple. Further, he’s helped Apple hire two other former Motorola employees.

The suit, filed Thursday in an Illinois circuit court, alleges that Fenger accepted “millions of dollars in cash, restricted stock units, and stock options” in exchange for agreeing not to join a competitor for two year period he left Motorola. “In his new position he cannot perform his duties for Apple without inevitably disclosing Motorola’s trade secrets,” the lawsuit states. We’re inclined to agree with the suit. You can’t unlearn things or simply put them out of mind. There’s simply no way he can’t bring those things to the table directly or indirectly.

Motorola is asking the court to stop Fenger from working for Apple for two years and also bar him from soliciting or hiring Motorola employees or disclosing Motorola’s confidential goodies. Oh yeah, they also demand damages and repayment of the stock options given to him.

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