The “Reason” Behind the SDK Lockdown

Google has spoken out on the reason why the new SDK has been dumped in the closed source closet temporarily. A Google spokesperson came out in hopes to calm all the angry developers but more than likely his/her comments may just spark a huge flame wars that has no end.

After reading that we have to wonder where is the Google-y open source love? In the world of open source everyone is equal, everyone gets the chance to test and file bugs about stuff at the same time. So what’s up with all this special treatment towards 50 developers who are a just small fraction compared to the thousands working day and night on Android applications.

Google you cannot just hop along and change the rules of the open source community. You need to abide by it like everyone else or Android will just become a memory like an ancient plague. When the next ADC comes along and you see far less turn out than the previous, don’t be too surprised.

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