YouTube-Esque Voting for Android Applications?

Here’s a novel idea that just makes good sense to me. Google’s concerned with two types of applications when it comes to Android – malware and buggy programs. So what do they do to combat that stuff? Do they put up serious roadblocks and certification processes? Nope. Rather than put hurdles in front of developers to get applications signed, the mentality is to allow for practically any and all programs to be available and let the public vote and rank them.

It’s my assumption that the Android Market will be the central hub where one would go to get the latest games, productivity, and other software. Taking a page out of the YouTube book, we might expect to see a spot for comments, feedback, and star ratings on each application. The logic is that the buggy and lesser software will go away quietly while the good stuff goes viral. With almost 100% of what Google does being web based, the experience should look and feel almost identical on handsets as it does on a PC or laptop.

Also along the lines of what happens in YouTube, Google could remove any programs or services that violate copyrights. These are both steps in the right directions in my eyes. It allows for developers to continue to create programs for the platform without having to jump through hoops. If the app is good enough, people will find out about it and help spread the word.

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