Officials Dismiss Android & Symbian Merger

Google, Nokia, and Symbian have all pretty much dismissed a report made earlier of a possible merger of Google’s Android and Nokia’s Symbian mobile operating system. , but for some reason the talks of merger has not been denied either thus leaving us thinking what could be.

Dismissing it as a “rumor,” a Nokia spokesperson declined to comment on the report. Symbian officials were unavailable but have dismissed such talk in private.

“We don’t comment on market rumors or speculations,” said a Google spokesperson.

It appears J. Gold and Associates were just pulling our legs with wild predictions. Or could it be that Google, Symbian and friends are keeping tight lipped about it? Either way the talks of Android and Symbian merger is still considered a rumor until it’s either officially confirmed or denied. Smart money is on it getting denied.

Source: Information Week

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  • Yannick

    Oh c’mon, it was clear that they’d never merge… I mean, how impossible and ridiculous would that be… it was just kind of arrogant of symbian saying that there is no need of android since symbian already exists (or will exists) as an open platform… they left out saying that they made that move because of android… now they just want to say to google: “look we invited you to collaborate and help us” (clearly help, but not a total merger)… but of course, that’s not the way to go

  • TareX

    Thank God.

  • Mr. Gold replied to me directly stating he is just making a prediction without any information from Google, Nokia, or Symbian plus other revelations I posted at

    ,Michael Martin

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