Dell Handset Rumor Comes Back – Android Mentioned

Way back in the beginning of the year there were some rumors going around about Dell getting back into the handset game. Since we’re an Android site, you already know where we are going with this one. That’s right, the conjecture was that Dell was thinking of making their re-entry into the mobile arena with Android as the OS. Speculation went so far as to call for an official announcement of a device at Mobile World Congress. As it turns out, everyone held their breath for nothing. Fast forward a few months.

Om Malik had the chance to sit down with Michael Dell and pick his brain about a few items, one of them being the handset rumors. While it’s almost done completely in passing, we felt obligated to make note of his comments.

Om: With the emergence of Google’s Android, and with Symbian OS and Microsoft Mobile already on the market, do you think that makes it easier for Dell to get into the phone business?

Dell: What you’ve got [are] industry-standard platforms upon which applications are being built and ecosystems are being created, and that kind of building-block architecture gives us all sorts of opportunities.

Om: You can be a big game-changer in this market, right? You can decide to work with Android or Symbian. Is there a desire on your part to work with one over the other?

Dell: We’re not ready to publicly disclose our plans there…we’re kind of working on that.

So there you have it. More fuel for the fanboys and hopefuls. We’ll keep an eye on this rumor and let you know what else pans out, if anything. You can take those comments for all they are worth – be it just a few words or a glimpse of the future.

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