LiMo Foundation Onslaught On Android

While Google is busy locking down the new SDK and being “secretive” with their so-called open source platform, the LiMo Foundation has been ramping up new members for the upcoming battle of the titans where mobile OS is concerned.

Recently, LiMo recruited 11 new members bringing its tally to 52 in comparison to the OHA 34. It appears the LiMo platform is a more attractive Linux open source effort to many. Witness their bigger and ever growing alliance. The 11 new companies are from the US, Asia, and Europe. Nine of these came from LiPs ( Linux Phone Standards Forum) who joined the LiMo Foundation in June.

The onslaught by LiMo doesn’t end there. Today they unveiled 7 new phones, putting pressure on Google and the OHA to come out of hiding and show the world (especially us fanboys) what is cooking at the Googleplex. It’s becoming really annoying not knowing what is going on, when I see LiMo and others flashing their stuff. I keep hoping that Google and the OHA would do the same but alas. It feels like walking in desert hoping for Google and pals to bring me water.

Yet again I hope that some new and exciting news will appear in the coming weeks. Days would be even better. I need something to keep my adrenaline and anticipation up for my favorite mobile Linux OS.

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