Motorola Names CEO of Mobile Devices

Dr. Sanjay Jha has been tapped as Co-Chief Executive Officer of Motorola and Chief Executive Officer of Motorola’s Mobile Devices. Who is Sanjay Jha and what has he done with the mobile industry? Well, he’s got an extensive background which most recently had him working with Qualcomm as their COO.

Jha, age 45, most recently served as chief operating officer of QUALCOMM Incorporated where he was responsible for overseeing Corporate Research and Development and QUALCOMM Flarion Technologies (QFT). Jha also served as president of QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies (QCT), QUALCOMM’s chipset and software division and the world’s largest fabless semiconductor producer for the last five years. – Motorola press release

We are curious as to why Motorola now has two Co-CEO’s now. Is it a lack of faith in what Greg Brown is doing? Probably not as he has been also named as CEO of Motorola’s Broadband Mobility Solutions business which consists of the Home & Networks Mobility and Enterprise Mobility Solutions businesses. It probably has something to do with the heads of each of the separate divisions sharing the big title. Let each guy run their own sector but also pull double duty as top dog.

Congratulations to Jha and Motorola for putting a key piece of the puzzle together. Maybe for his first act as new CEO, he can call a press conference and announce the first Motorola Android device.

Thanks to Jim for pointing out that I had accidentally placed Microsoft in the original title. Still had them on the brain from an earlier post.