Tech Digest Among Those Not Sure How to Report on Android

I don’t normally like to call people out on their reporting of tech stuff. It’s very easy to get into a situation where you aren’t quite sure of exactly what you are talking about. Android is no exception. Here we are 9 months after Android was announced and people are still confusing the platform with gPhones and Google hardware. It’s cool with me if some people just don’t fully grasp it.

Tonight as I trolled through some RSS feeds and bookmarks I came across a scenario where a guy posts two articles in under 2 hours, conflicting with each other. Daniel Sung of Tech Digets might be wise to do a little homework before passing along news on his site.

09:26 AM – HTC Google Android handset on course for the end of the year – with T-Mobile?

11:39 AM – Google Android delayed until 2009

The first article has been talked about over and over. Yes, T-Mobile is coming out with the Android based handset first. Yes, HTC is making it. Put it to bed. As for the second article, it too has been covered time and again. There is no Google Android delay. The fourth quarter is in the second half of the year no matter what calendar you are using. Leave this story alone and move on. I can imagine what the readers of Tech Digest are left to think in regards to the platform. Is it coming? When? By Who?

To be fair, a lot of sites automatically pull feeds from other sources and post them, giving credit to the original writers. Perhaps this is what happened. Heck, maybe Sung forgot what he did just 2 hours earlier and didn’t realize he already covered it. We all have hectic days. Why am I bringing this guy to your attention? To show just how long some rumors get strung along. Weeks and months go by with sites spreading half truths and incorrect information. It’s easy for the wrong stuff to go viral.

Here’s a little plug for AndroidGuys. If you want Android news and opinion, you’re already in the right spot. We’ll shoot you straight and let you know what’s going on first. If you are not sure of something you’ve come across, ask us. We’re more than happy to get the answers if we don’t already have them.

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