Open Up! T-Mobile Readying Their Version of Any App, Any Handset

T-Mobile USA is gearing up to offer their own version of the App Store. Rather than offering programs for one device only, T-Mobile is making it so that developers can create one program that can span the entire product line. This would mean that you’d see the same applications available for Samsung, Motorola, and the Sidekick. Yep, even the HTC “Dream” phone

Yes, we know that Android is coming out in a few months and that T-Mobile will be carrying it. But did you expect to see applications available for the HTC phone that would also work on the BlackBerry Curve and T-Mobile Shadow? We didn’t think so.

It’s a truly innovative and forward thinking business model for a carrier – especially one in the US. This also gives the recent news that T-Mobile partnering with Device Anywhere a little bit more weight. It’s just a puzzle piece in the big scheme for the wireless provider. Kudos to these guys for making it just that much easier for developers to write for handsets.

So how will it work? It’s very simple. Developers will submit their apps online. Who gets to keep what share of the revenue will depend on how the program uses T-Mobile’s network. End users will get them presented to them in order of popularity, not based on what T-Mobile picks out. There’s no specific 30-70 spit like what Apple does with developers in the App Store, but from what we’re hearing, it’s a very generous starting point.

T-Mobile has now become the most open carrier in the US with these recent announcements. Adding into the mix the fact that they are already a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance, and you get a sense for their business model.

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