Flipping Your Views

Let’s face it: phones are small.

Even if you have a phone with excellent screen resolution, the physical screen size is still rarely over 3″x5″, since most people want phones that can fit in a pocket, purse, pouch, or poncho.

This means your Android activities can only display so much stuff at one time without individual widgets or text getting too small to be easily read. There are any number of ways to handle this:

  • You could break the one activity into several…but this can get cumbersome
  • You can use ScrollView to allow users to scroll through a longer activity…but this may or may not be easy for the user depending on the device (e.g., a haptic interface using a swipe for scrolling assumes there’s a place clear in the UI for them to actually swipe without accidentally toggling a button or something)
  • You can use TabView, as described in the previous post…but you are locked into a particular presentation pattern (e.g., tabs)
  • You can use ViewFlipper and work out a UI pattern that’s right for you

Not surprisingly, today, we’re going to look at the latter option.

ViewFlipper inherits from FrameLayout, just like we used to describe the innards of a TabView in that previous post. However, initially, it just shows the first child view. It is up to you to arrange for the views to flip, either manually by user interaction, or automatically via a timer.

For example, here is a layout for a simple activity using a Button and a ViewFlipper:

[sourcecode language=”xml”]


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