HTC’s Goal: Reaching The Top With Android


Peter Chou, HTC’s CEO, recently revealed his intention to get the Asian mobile manufacturer into the top five mobile handset manufacturers. To play it safe, he didn’t give an actual deadline for this goal. HTC, already part of the top ten, wants to go further. Whose place would they bump from the top 5 – Motorola? Sony Ericsson?

HTC is curently selling about 15 millions handsets. To reach the top five and push out Motorola they must increase their shipping six fold!

It shouldn’t be too difficult for the HTC Diamond’s manufacturer to reach this goal. With the help of the next launch of the first Android Handset, HTC DREAM, they surely are capable of this. Their recent products have been selling quite well, and once Android streets, their brand awareness should skyrocket.

Source: TechRadar

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