Help Needed : The Hunt for Bugs

With the last version (0.9) of the Android SDK, the Google’s Android Security team conceded that the last Android SDK has security bugs. To help curtail these vulnerabilities, they launched an email invitation to the security community to help them to identify other problems or exploits waiting to happen.

With the recent “developer revolt” against the lack of communication about the SDK, Google has done an about-face. Sending direct emails challenging the security community to detect further bugs and security issues might bring those on the brink of leaving the platform right back home.

For the time being, it will be quite difficult for the experts community to detect some of the security threats. We’re going to continue to hear about the lack of physical handsets for the next few weeks or months.

It’s a very smart way of testing. The Android team, however larger they are, won’t be able to test Android on all future handsets and configurations so they’ve recruited help from the very people who will be using “gPhones”.

So, the timeline is running and the next step of the launch of the HTC DREAM should be/could be in September.

Source : The Register

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