Android, With or Without Bluetooth ?

The first Android Developers Challenge yielded some truly great applications (AndroidScan) but a large amount of them were geo-localisation programs that utilized GPS, WiFi and cameras. Not necessarily a bad thing. Now, with the latest SDK (0.9) released last Monday, many developers noticed that they wont be able to use a common handset communication feature for writing apps – Bluetooth.

Its said that the Android 1.0 won’t have a “comprehensive” Bluetooth API. That’s the key word here. The Android handsets will have Bluetooth capability in the 1.0 OS. What we won’t have is the ability for developers to write apps with Bluetooth in mind. That has to be left up to Google for now.

The official Android Developers blog has updated this week with reasons why the API has been left off and it comes down to time crunches.

The reason is that we plain ran out of time. The Android Bluetooth API was pretty far along, but needs some clean-up before we can commit to it for the SDK. Keep in mind that putting it in the 1.0 SDK would have locked us into that API for years to come…Rather than ship a broken API that we knew was going to change a lot, we chose not to include it. We absolutely intend to support a Bluetooth API in a future release, although we don’t know exactly when that will be.

So sleep easy, your G1 will have Bluetooth.

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