Sprint NFL Mobile Live Gives You Football On the Go

Are you an NFL fan? Are you frustrated about not being able to get the latest news and information about the games being played simply because you are away from a television? Afraid that if you went in the living room your couch will likely be the end of your day? Well no worries, Sprint is making all your wildest football fantasies come alive with their “Sprint NFL Mobile Live” application.

Sprint and the NFL (National Football League) have teamed up to bring all you fans closer to the game when you are away. Sprint’s NFL Mobile Live is the only wireless source you will find all the following features right at your fingertips:

  • Live home and away broadcast
  • Live audio broadcast
  • Live video broadcast
  • 24/7 coverage of live streaming NFL network
  • Application is customizable
  • Monitor fantasy players in real-time

One of the good things about the Sprint NFL Mobile Live application is the option for users to choose a favorite team. Each time they start the application, that specific team’s information will appear on the screen first. Also, users will be able to listen to popular programs such as NFL Game-Day, NFL Total Access, NFL Playbook and host more content that will blow your football mind. Wait! – Did I forget to mention that the application is free?

It appears the Sprint Now Network is springing to life and it’s coming at the correct time. As the first Android based phone gears up for launch in the coming months, Sprint’s devices will not be far behind. I would love to see innovative applications like this and a lot more for Android devices on the Now Network. Whenever they choose to unveil what they have hiding behind closed doors, I’ll be on the other side.

If you want more information about Sprint NFL Mobile Live check out sprint.com/nfl and Sprint NFL Mobile Youtube Channel

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