Will Sony Ericsson Release Xperia With Android?

Sony Ericsson is not member of the OHA, but that doesn’t mean they’re not sympathetic to their cause. Like we saw earlier this week with Assus, Google’s Android is becoming something other companies may be looking to sink their teeth into.    Recently, the product manager of the Sony Experia X1, said that despite being satisfied with Windows Mobile he is still impressed by Android capabilities.

“With anything we do from Sony Ericsson, the platform or technology itself doesn’t make it a brand, … The Xperia brand is our new premium brand [where we] want to give something extra. That doesn’t say it’s typically a Windows Mobile [phone]–it’s not equivalent to ‘Windows Mobile from Sony Ericsson.” – Magnus Anderrson, to ZDnet Asia

The X1 is the first Windows Mobile based handset from Sony Ericsson.  Depending how you deeply read into things, it might be the only.   Andersson didn’t say that the next Xperia handset will be Android, but he refused to confirm whether they’d be going back to Symbian either.

So, what do you think?  Will we ever have an Android loaded Xperia?

Via ZDnet Asia

  • I would certainly like to see it happen. I was a satisfied windows mobile user last year and this year I’m a satisfied iPhone user. Next year could become the Year of the Android Phones. I’m definitely interested to see who will pick up the new o/s. I think eventually every manufacturer and mobile phone carrier will give it a shot. I mean after all, we ARE talking about a GOOGLE product.

  • John

    About the ONLY way I’d buy the Xperia is if it had Android on it (or Maemo, but that wont ever happen).

    So, an Xperia with T-Mobile-USA 3G, and Android … it would certainly look nicer than the photos of the G1.

  • TareX

    Now that would be a high quality phone I would absolutely get.

    An Xperia with its keyboard, hi-res screen, front cam…… YUMMY.

  • joe

    I feel strongly that the Experia X2 will be an All Touch android phone.

  • Xperia X2 sounds great , and the X1 design is much nice thant the G1 from HTC….

    i am waiting for the samsung view fo android handset ….

    lets see first what Tmobile has prepared for us this tuesday …


  • TareX

    Hicham, knowing how the G1 looks, will you buy it because it’s the first Android, or will you be waiting a month or two for Samsung and SE’s phones?

  • @TareX if i could (i am in europe) i will surely do

    i am waitin’ for it since 2007 so…its boiling 😉

  • Justin

    I certainly hope so. The more phones with Android the faster we can take over the mobile industry and then…. The world.

  • shaun

    Since the Xperia is actually built by HTC, it would be an easy in road to Android for Sony Ericsson. In some ways, it would be great, since the panels interface lost a lot of (admittedly visual) appeal once Touch Flo 3D was unveiled.

  • I’m waiting for this release! Hope it will be not a simple mobile gadget but a complete, independent masterpiece!

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