Will Sony Ericsson Release Xperia With Android?

Sony Ericsson is not member of the OHA, but that doesn’t mean they’re not sympathetic to their cause. Like we saw earlier this week with Assus, Google’s Android is becoming something other companies may be looking to sink their teeth into.    Recently, the product manager of the Sony Experia X1, said that despite being satisfied with Windows Mobile he is still impressed by Android capabilities.

“With anything we do from Sony Ericsson, the platform or technology itself doesn’t make it a brand, … The Xperia brand is our new premium brand [where we] want to give something extra. That doesn’t say it’s typically a Windows Mobile [phone]–it’s not equivalent to ‘Windows Mobile from Sony Ericsson.” – Magnus Anderrson, to ZDnet Asia

The X1 is the first Windows Mobile based handset from Sony Ericsson.  Depending how you deeply read into things, it might be the only.   Andersson didn’t say that the next Xperia handset will be Android, but he refused to confirm whether they’d be going back to Symbian either.

So, what do you think?  Will we ever have an Android loaded Xperia?

Via ZDnet Asia

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