Android Poised to Immediately Grab 4% of US Market?

The Android invasion has not yet begun but analysts are already speculating on how big of a market share the platform will garner.  Word on the streets is that 4% of the US smartphone market will assimilate, without force, to the Android overlord during the 4th quarter of this year.

The estimated sales are 400,000 Android phones out of the overall 10.5 million smart phone sold during the upcoming fiscal fourth quarter.  This isn’t half bad considering it’s just one device – the G1.  What potential exists once other phone manufacturers start working with Android?  World domination, right?

Longer-term success will, of course, rest on Android vendor ability to create designs with wow factor and an intuitive user-interface. – Analyst Chris Ambrosi

For obvious reasons, I believe Motorola might be the one who would sell a lackluster Android device. I’m basing this off of their track record, but hopefully I’m wrong.   I would love to swallow these words.

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  • Tony S.

    I hope that Samsung or LG will deliver THE devices.
    Seeing what they’ve done in the past, I think they will be good housing for Android.

  • TareX

    Motorola has licensed the TAT Cascades UI for their Android phone. CASCADES is a lot simpler and straightforward than the relatively complicated default UI. Its resemblance to Nokia and Linux UIs will attract many people who don’t want the versatile Android desktops/shortcuts…etc

    It’s also FULL OF eye candy (entirely OpenGL ES 2). So if anything, Motorola will attract a lot of demographics with this UI. Not me though.

  • This article on PC Magazine says the real target of Android is not smart phones but the rest of lot,2817,2330830,00.asp

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