Hey Developers… Want Android SDK 1.0?

So for all of those who played the “wait and see” game, it’s time to get off of your butts and start writing.  You’ve had plenty of time to see what Android is capable of supporting.   Take a look through the top 50 apps for the Android Developers Challenge and witness all of the helpful/useful/unique applications that came from pre-release developers kits. Imagine what you can do with the real deal!

We could barely keep up with all of the press and G1 coverage as it was.  And now, one of our readers tipped us off to a pair of links to grab Android SDK 1.0 for Windows and Linux! We have no idea what the changes are from 0.9 to the final release, but we’re sure you guys can figure it out.

Our tipster says that the SDK is more stable to be certain and that they also noticed the “maximize” button for the browser is new.



Overview of Changes, Android 0.9 to Android 1.0 SDK

This document provides information to help you port your applications from Android 0.9 SDK to Android 1.0 SDK. It describes new features available to your application, as well as API changes that you may need to integrate into your code. For detailed information about API additions, removals, and changes, see the API Diffs report.

Note that this document (and the associated API Diffs Report) covers only the changes from Android 0.9 SDK to Android 1.0 SDK. For your convenience, this SDK includes legacy documentation of changes from the M5 release to Android 0.9 SDK. For more information, see Overview of Changes, M5 to Android 0.9 and API Diffs Report, M5 to Android 0.9.

If your application is based on an early-look SDK such as release M3, you may want to refer to the documentation in the M5 SDK for information about migrating to that release, as a base from which to migrate to 0.9 or directly to 1.0.