HTC Dream is the Amiga for Android


I see the HTC Dream being the Amiga of mobile phones.

I say this as the G1 is really geared as a platform for programmers to hack away on and to create applications for future generations of Android phones.

I remember when I encountered the Amiga in the late 1980s it blew me away as the graphics and sound were much better than my 8088 PC with its 4 color CGA graphics and mini internal speaker.

Amiga was popular with early gamers, programmers, and computer graphic designers as it was ahead of everyone else with its graphics, kernel, and tremendous multitasking capabilities – like Android in the current mobile market.

Then what doomed Amiga is what made Apple lose ground in the computer market, starting when IBM allowed its operating system to be created by a third party and then available to any computer company.

This open innovation is what differentiates Android from Amiga along with having Google’s bankroll — which Commodore did not come close to having.

That’s why the G1 is really the Geek Phone for programmers to use as a breadboard to openly innovate for future generations of Android phones to become the mobile supercomputer phones for businesses and consumers in general.

Then the end result for Apple’s iPhone will be the same as it encountered with the PC just as Germany expected a different result from the first World War in the second.

Apple is doing it differently and with much better initial gains but by keeping its application closed, like Germany fighting on multiple fronts, will lose again to a more open platform.

Then Android will truly become your Amiga or Amigo if you prefer.

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