Motorola Ramping up Android Team


Of the 4 founding handset makers in the Open Handset Alliance, Motorola is the one we know least about.  After HTC’s recent launch of the G1, eyes are starting to turn to the other carriers and hardware companies.  Back in February, we were told that Samsung and LG both have Android handsets due out around Q1 of 2009.  Sounds great, but there has been little said about or by Motorola.

Even with as much grief as we’ve given them for their failure to innovate beyond the RAZR line, we’re really hoping for something special out of them.  In the end, we’re about Android and what it offers.  Motorola has some cool ideas with their MotoRokr and Motizine products, but they still look a little too much their older models.  Maybe it’s a brand new platform that helps them to start thinking a little differently.

According to TechCrunch, a developer was recruited to join the Moto team, which is alleged to be growing from 50 to around 350 members.  Sounds like Motorola is going to be putting some serious time and effort into the Android platform.


  1. It will be nice to see Motorela design an android phone. It does not seem that long ago that the razr was as popular as the Iphone is now. If they can build a thin and cool touchscreen phone I think they will be back in the running!

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