Android Coming to Cars and More

After the big buzz of the Sept 23th launch of Android and G1 has come and gone, it’s time for us to start thinking of other places where the operating system could work.

“We’re starting to see Android get designed in on devices that extend way beyond the phone–things that might go in the automobile or things that might go in the home” – John Bruggeman Chief Marketing Officer at WindRiver

Even if Google hasn’t confirmed this type of news yet, it sounds like they plan to spread Android to new fields apart from the mobile handset.

Mr Bruggeman added that he would be shocked if we don’t hear  any anoucements by 2009.  Wind River is no fly by night company either.  They are experts on embedded operating systems and are the guys behind the famous Vxworks .

Wind River is a founding member of the OHA alongside 33 other companies who support Android.  Their interest in Android is continuing to grow as they make moves.  They recently acquired Mizi Research,  a Korean mobile Linux, back in August to help develop their Android based business.

Source : C|net

  • John

    1) Set top boxes to act as combination:
    * PVRs.
    * movie renting/purchasing devices.
    * game consoles.
    * media centers, including optional CD/DVD burners.
    * possibly even home file/print servers.
    * network gateways to your ISP(s).
    * home SIP servers with connections into wired voice networks, cellular networks, VOIP providers, and UMA providers.

    2) What about a universal remote control with Android on it? Or even just a PDA/internet tablet that has a remote control strength IR interface on it?

    3) Another thing I’d find interesting is how/whether the platform can scale up to being a MID/UMPC or even a laptop/desktop OS. I mean, clearly the OS can, since it’s linux. But what about the user interface? What about the application eco-system? Even if it’s just for dedicated devices (kitchen organizers, kids educational laptops (like an OLPC replacement), consumer electronics oriented dedicated web interfaces), instead of being a general purpose OS like Ubuntu or OSX, it might be an interesting direction to go.

  • Ben

    I love the idea of a universal remote… with wifi. surf the internet while you surf the tv channels… Nice

  • it’s wonderful….
    i love android interface…
    im my car…i hope soon…

  • renu rai

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