KDDI Phone Gives X-Ray Vision

Open Handset Alliance member KDDI is on a mission to make sure everyone gets X-Ray vision just like Superman. At the recently held CEATEC technology show in Japan, KDDI unveiled a phone prototype that enables the user to see through objects. The phone will be able to judge its surroundings courtesy of 3 acceleration sensors, GPS, and Geomagnetic sensors which combine to create the image on screen.

It’s really mind blowing what technology is capable of doing on such a small screen at times, and this tech from KDDI is no different. I’m wondering if this phone will ever get released to the general public.  With privacy watchdogs sniffing it out by now, it’s not likely to happen…even though you are not able to see actual images, only renderings.

How cool would it be if this tech found itself into future Android devices? Check out the video below if you want to see how it would work.

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