T-Mobile: We’ve Sold Three Times as Many G1’s as We Anticipated

T-Mobile has seen incredible success thus far with the G1 handset preorders. They’re doing so well in fact that they had to nearly triple the amount of handsets available for the October 22nd release.

Because of overwhelming demand, we’re setting aside even more T-Mobile G1â„¢ phones as a special thanks to you, our loyal T-Mobile customers. This is your chance to order yours today, before it hits the streets, and guarantee you don’t go without. – T-MobileG1.com

This comes as good news for T-Mobile as they aim to claw their way towards becoming the third largest wireless carrier in the USA.  With Sprint having a few down quarters in a row and T-Mobile continuing to add net customers, this handset might be what is needed to catapult them towards the top three.

It might take more than a few lucky quarters to get them in there, but it’s becoming more obvious to us by the week that T-Mobile is a much more progressive thinking company than most. Dan Hesse has done some great things for Sprint so far, but he’s got to keep his foot on the gas. Hopefully, there’s a few tricks up his sleeve for the end of this year as we wait for their Android handset.

Congratulations to T-Mobile on the initial success of the G1!Hopefully, once the handsets are in the world, users are showing them off and bringing new customers in droves, wanting their phones to do similar things.

If preorders ain’t your thing, you can sign up for the email alert that let’s you know the second the G1 hits the street.

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