WIRED’s Gadget Lab is Kinda Hatin’ on the G1

An article went up on Gadget Lab just before the weekend arrived called “Top 5 Cellphone Letdowns of 2008” and the G1 landed at number 2, right behind the iPhone 3G.

What’s the big letdown?

“The handset poised to out-iPhone the iPhone had a laundry list of hardware letdowns: bulky, unattractive, and saddled with yet another proprietary headphone jack.”

Let’s be careful not to confuse reviews of the G1 with Android in general.  That’s a common problem and it looks like Terrence Russell knows the difference between the two.  “Updates to Google’s Android OS could salvage the device (à la the iPhone 3G).”   The bigger complaints of Android are almost all addressable.  The stuff about the G1 however might not be as easy.  There’s not much one can do to “un-bulky” a phone.

The other phones to make the list are Palm Treo Pro, LG Dare, and Motorola Z10.

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