Maps For Google Android Takes Advantage of G1 Hardware

The Official Google Mobile Blog has some information about Google Maps for the critically acclaimed T-Mobile G1. Google Maps on the G1 is more robust when compared to other mobile offerings. I might even go as far to say it looks better than it’s bigger brother on the desktop.

While I’m not a big fan of Streetview (or probably its because I’m not living in the US) I have to say I really dig that Maps on Android is integrated with email, IM and the web on the G1.

Maps is also integrated with email, IM, and the web on Android. For instance, street addresses that appear as plain text in these apps become touchable zones that you can click on to take you straight to Maps. Something similar happens when a Google Maps link is pasted into an email, IM or placed on a web page. When I touch it, I can choose whether to view the map in the browser, in Google Maps, or in any other application that’s built to handle what’s known to Android developers as an “intent.” Or, I can make the choice once and save it as my default map-viewing application

Check out below for a video of Google Maps for Android showing off on the G1

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