Exceeding Expectations with 1.5 Million G1’s Sold Before Launch

Call it a success story.  T-Mobile has had to triple the size of their G1 handset orders due to consumer demand.  Not too shabby for a device that has been called clunky, bland, and disappointing.  I’ve always had faith in Android and it’s potential.

From the moment it was announced and I started sipping the Kool-Aid, I knew just how “big picture” things were going to get.  What I couldn’t have pictured though, was the immediate response.  I was expecting a half million sold this year.  It pleases me to have to recheck my math and put out a new figure of around 2.5 million sold in first 90 days.  Let’s see just how much I really know with that one.

I figured it would take 2-3 handsets with different hardware configurations before people caught on to the idea of Android and what it can do.  The response and interest around the internet has been overwhelming.  Even personal friends of mine with iPhones have owned up to the difference in potential.

So here’s T-Mobile, sitting on a gold mine with their most handset to date.  It has great drawing power, not only for it’s capabilities, but also for the price point and rate plans that compliment it. A bunch of stars have started to align for Google and friends.

Everyone’s familiar with the term of web 2.0 that’s tossed around these days.  We’re about to see the boom of mobile web 2.0 over the next few months.  Embedding search and web into Android will ensure that more people are using the internet in new, compelling ways.

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