I Need You. No Really, I Do.


I’m gonna cut right to the chase.  AndroidGuys has evolved quite a bit over this last year and we’re ready to take things to another level altogether.  Not only with this site, but beyond that.  You see, as I’ve been keeping our eyes and ears open with developers, bloggers, and industry insiders, I’ve come up with some pretty cool ideas for things we’d like to see implemented into Android.

This Post Will Be Personal

More often than not, I’ve been pretty dead on with assessments and forecasts.  This might sound arrogant, but I like to think I have a rather good sense of where things are headed, maybe more so than others in my peer group.  I’ve always had some good ideas that I’ve seen turn out well when done by others.  Some have been silly, others lucrative.  It’s time I take some of my ideas and make them work for me.

And this is right where I hit the wall.  I have no startup capital and no investors ready to help.  I have around 6 or more strong ideas for apps and downloads for Android that I am dying to put out, but I can’t.  I’m in a Catch 22 situation.

  • I can’t hire a developer to work with since I have no money.
  • I can’t write the application because I have no experience in developing.

Trust me, I would love nothing more than to share these ideas with you readers as I know many of you would say, “Oh wow, I could totally see that selling well or going viral.”  The problem is, the second I put some of the more basic ideas out there, someone with experience could knock one of these apps out over a case of Mountain Dew.  I’d spill the beans in a private manner like email, but in today’s world, you can’t implicitly trust anyone not to steal your ideas.

I know exactly how these apps would look, feel, and operate.  I just can’t make it happen.  In fact, some of these aren’t even applications that do crazy, elaborate things.  Some are so simplistic and goofy that they’d be easy to write and still find a wide user base.

So here’s my appeal to some angel investor, venture capitalist, or someone looking to help a guy out.  I’ve set up my PayPal account to accept donations.  I know it might not resonate with some out there, but I swear that anything given as donation will go towards development of AndroidGuys software as well as furthering the site. I’m including the PayPal link at the bottom and will have it on the right hand of the site too.

In this day and age, a man’s word doesn’t seem to account for much, but I guess I am old school in thinking that a Gentleman’s Agreement is as good as gold. It’s the same agreement that I am willing to give that keeps me from talking with others about my plans.  If my ideas panned out, I would be totally comfortable with returning the donations two-fold.

I read all the time about someone selling an idea and making a fortune.  I also see stories of people with these overnight success stories because they acted on their dreams.  This is who I want to be.  I’m far too smart to be punching a clock somewhere and I know that this is “my ticket out of this place.” I’m no financial wizard, but I know that I can make so much more out of something small.

If you’ve ever been in a similar situation, you’ll know the frustration of being bottle-necked by money.  I know that this post has gone completely away from the Android news and opinion you’ve come to expect over the last 11 1/2 months, but you guys were the first people I thought of to talk to about this.

As an added incentive, any donations of $50 or higher will receive a 125 x 125 ad square to whatever site or product you want for a month, as long as it’s family friendly.  It will be shown on the home page of AndroidGuys, or thousands of daily visitors to see.  If a donation shows up in some crazy amount, I’d even be willing to change the entire background of our site for a month, replacing the green/blue gradient.

I might not receive a penny through this whole thing and that’s fine.  I actually don’t expect it.  It will just take longer for me to get there.  One way or another, I am still going to make these things happen for me.

Thanks for letting me get off track for a moment.

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