Smarterer, Funnerer G1 is Now Coming Soonerer

Good news for all of our guys and gals living in the United Kingdom! (EDIT)  The T-Mobile G1 is rumored to be hitting your streets October 30.  This is earlier than what was previously expected/reported when “November” was all we had to go on.

Sounds like T-Mobile is moving everything up.  Over here in the US, we’re hearing that folks are starting to see email notifications telling them that their G1 has shipped out.  With 3-day shipping listed, the arrival date puts it somewhere in the neighborhood of the 17th to 21st.  Check your tracking numbers as your G1 might be here in time for the weekend!

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  • I guess “guys and gals” in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – the rest of the UK have good news too?

  • mike

    Has anyone’s actually shipped or does it just say information recieved?

  • A few people are reporting that their UPS tracking info states their phone will be delivered on the 17th.

  • Andrew

    So… the UK will get theirs before mine which I Pre-Ordered? Awesome.

  • Very Exciting times coming, can’t wait to see all the latest reviews once the G1 surfaces.

    A great set of ShopSavvy video’s for the G1 has just been added to my blog:

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