October 22, 2014

Want a Free G1? Head for the UK

T-Mobile UK announced today that its subscribers could get a FREE G1 as soon as October 30th, 2008.


If you have the Combi or Flext price plans and pay as little as £40 ($70) a month then the G1 can be yours FREE.

Alas, the UK does NOT have have the brown or bronze color option as only black and white are available for them.

I postulated that you should become British to get a free G1 but perhaps you can simply visit and sign up for the plan to get the free phone and then cancel or if that cancellation rate is too expensive then I am sure some Brits will get the free G1 with the plan, keep their old phone, and then sell the G1 on eBay.

This begs to question, are 1.5 million Americans suckers for paying $175 plus surcharges to get the G1 a week ahead of the UK who would get it for free?