Playing Games with Android

With the rise of GPS based terminal, applications using social interactions with local friends, points of interest are rising and that won’t stop with the nearby launch of Android Handset.

Serious Geo-based applications are the most waiting for ones, but Parallel Kingdom will bring that fun to this geolocalised mobile world.  PK will be launched at the end of October as the first massively multiplayer online game on Android.

Parallel Kingdom wants to copy the business model of World of Warcraft even if the visual aspect of Kingdom is not quite as sexy. Based on Google Maps with basic sprites overlaid on it, it proves that it doesn’t need to be beautiful to be engaging.

PK uses GPS capabilities of Android based handsets so it can use the local maps and lay “real” players on it. Always updating, it refreshes the players’ positions in real time.

Parallel Kingdom will be also playable with iPhone as it uses the same network. It’s possible that we could literally see an actual iPhone/Android war play out.

Source :TechCrunch