Android Could Soothe Microsoft’s Silverlight Itch

Microsoft has expressed interest in developing its Silverlight for the Android platform. After making several futile attempts to break onto the iPhone’s App Store or onto the handset as a native application, Microsoft feels the Android platform gives it a better opportunity for its Silverlight.

Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie, (the guy behind Silverlight) thinks that Android provides a better platform than the iPhone in that it at least allows third party apps to run in the background and with no big fuss. As we all know, Apple reserves the right to weed out apps that it deems to be conflicting with its interests.  On the other hand, Android has no such restriction set up and provides a perfect platform for giants like Microsoft all the way down to the independent developer to display their apps on its Market.

As for now, Guthrie says that MS will be watching closely to see how Android gets accepted in to the world. IF we could take all the recent hype and attention as a litmus test,  MS could soon be finding itself to be embracing Android.

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