Is Android the Transition of the Smartphone As Primary Data Device?

Small lightweight Notebooks, Netbooks and UMPCs have spurred much interest in the Mobile Workforce, Early Adopters and cutting edge Smartphone users to find solutions in the marketplace to pare down the costs and hassles of owning and syncing multiple devices.

This is why Android is on its way to being the OS of choice. The Android OS is open to developers who have this kind of mobile productivity in mind… to drop the need to have a UMPC, a Netbook or a Notebook. These Data Devices are high cost, high maintenance and the time a user spends trying to keep multiple computers in sync – they are finding it’s just not worth it and are looking for simpler solutions.

One immediate solution is the Celio Redfly. The Redfly is currently priced at $199 and extends Windows Mobile Smartphones via a direct connection through USB or Bluetooth, without synchronization, to a larger display, keyboard and touchpad for easy use of Smartphone email, attachments, web, and applications. With the Redfly you can eliminate the need to carry a Laptop with you – there is no Operating System, CPU, Hard Drive or Software Licensing issues. Additionally, the newest Smartphones are able to accept 16gb to 32gb MicroSD memory cards which is plenty of memory to deal with all but the largest of data projects before synchronizing to your main computer. Or – the Redfly has USB ports that can connect to huge hard drives allowing a user to download any number of files such as music collections, movies etc.

With the proliferation of multiple inexpensive sources of online storage the Smartphone is becoming positioned to actually become a pocketable Primary Data Device. With additional vendors making Smartphone companion devices similar to the Redfly in the near future, the Android OS is positioned with all it’s application developers to become the driving force that shrinks the user’s main computer down into the pocket of his/her pants.

The Android platform – I predict will be the game changer in this new category of Smartphone as Primary Data Device.

Jay Rephan

Nashville, TN

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