Mozilla Ignores Firefox Mobile for Android

What do we have here? Well Mozilla appears to be completely ignoring a version of the upcoming Firefox Mobile for Android without stating a reason why this is happening. In an interview with Silicon Republic, Mozilla’s Christian Sejersen has all but confirmed not committing to a version of Firefox Mobile for Android. Here is what he had to say in regards to Google Android:

Mozilla is doing nothing right now or in the near future.

My guess on why Mozilla is shunning Android is the fact that Android development is solely based on Java at the moment.  For the time being all Android users will just have to make due with Chrome-Lite or whatever Google chooses to call it.

For the record I must also add that Firefox Mobile will not see the light of day on the Apple iPhone.  Why them too?  It has something to do with tight restrictions and some browser called Safari.  Let’s hope Mozilla comes to their senses before too long.

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