March 29, 2015

After UK, its Destination Germany for G1

Everyone knows that after the US, the G1 will be making its debut in the UK. But then what’s next? Well, the guys at HTC Source have the answer for this question and it looks like destination Germany, their own country of origin.

According to the Android Roadmap, the Android SDK is soon to be released in a German version by the end of Q4 ’08, which has triggered speculations that the G1 will shortly be launched in Germany and that the release should follow close on the heels of that in the UK.

Rest assured, the Android Market as well as the G1 is coming equipped with better features to make the user experience more rejuvenating and hope not the compatriots get an advantage as was the case with the UK guys.

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  1. AndroidClub NL

    It’s a big mistake of the Google/HTC/TMobile-combination that they want to translate the software and stuff first. The real freaks, at least in Holland, just want the english language on their G1, especially when that means we can use it much earlier.

  2. Mike Silva

    Yeap, I’m Portuguese and waiting for HTC G1 to arrive somewhere around (there’s no T-Mobile here, so I hope I can buy this phone during the next 3 months locked or unlocked to any operator), but as most computer geeks of my generation (thirties), I always prefer to use the software in it’s original language – English.
    Even my previous most basic mobile phones I immediately switched menu language to English.
    So when can we get this phone? please…

  3. Sriharsha

    Guess by the end of the Q1 ’09 most of the European countries ‘d be shipped with adequate G1s……So, just be on the red to grab yours soon……

  4. Android Freeware

    As of our information, the most West European countries will be supplied with localized versions of T-Mobile G1 in Q1 2009. Also, most probably at the same time America will see the first non-G1 Android-based devices…

  5. BceмиpныйAнгeл

    Радует, что ваш блог постоянно развивается. Такие посты только прибавляют популярности.

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