Google’s Spectrum Plan

Some time around early March Google was found talking Wi-Fi 2.0 and about taking advantage of the so called “white spaces” that would be created in the TV spectrum when the leap towards the digital broadcast of television is made.

Big guns like Google, Microsoft and Motorola are vying for this space that would open up new horizons in the field of wireless communications. FCC chairman Kevin Martin is leaning towards the Google side of the plan while several other big corporations including NASCAR and Major League Baseball have their own objections to the plan saying that there might be such issues like interference which might degrade the transmission quality.

The unused white space that falls in to the range of 700 MHZ might open up the flood gates for new innovations and for the unlicensed technologies which might exploit the space for efficient wireless communication.

With many of the broadcasters crying foul, Martin scheduled a vote for Nov. 4 to so we can further get a picture of things to come.  As for us, the Wi-Fi 2.0 will surely open up new vistas in the area of wireless communications that is prognosticated to extend its reach to more rural communities where it is virtually impossible to set up the wires. And with giants like Google and Microsoft behind the plan and being backed by several consumer groups, no second guesses on who is likely to win this battle.  If we learned anything in school, it’s that money talks.

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