October 22, 2014

Sprint CEO: Android Has to Wait

Dan Hesse, the CEO of Sprint, one of the founding members of the OHA, was quoted saying that Android still needs a bit of a finesse before it carries its logo. This comes at a time when everyone out there is pulling on Sprint for not being able to maintain its brand with the existing hand set releases.

Spotted saying this at the National Press Club in Washington Hesse said he didn’t think Android was ”good enough to put the Sprint brand on it.” Sprint ought to take a hint from Motorola who also was until recently, getting lambasted for not being innovative in designing its handsets.

Moto is making a fresh start on the design front, trying to give a refreshing look to the handsets that might be carrying the Android moniker.  It’s time for Sprint to follow T-Mobile’s lead as soon as possible.  We’ve played with Android long enough to know that it’s better than half the OS’s on their current product line.