Asus to Release Android Powered Mobile in Early 2009?

Sub-notebook or “netbook” maker Asus, is planning to launch an Android powered mobile in Q1 ’09.   They plan to launch the mobile device using its own brand value in their home country, Taiwan. Guess this is the first non-OHA member to announce its plans to launch a handset, on the Android platform, though many are to follow suit sooner or later. (UPDATE: OpenMoko might just beat them to the punch)

As for now, what really fascinates me is that HTC, launched its Dream (T-Mobile‘s G1) in the US first, and was admitted by Chou (CEO) to be a ploy to associate HTC with the popular brand, T-Mobile. So by the time G1 gets to Taiwan, Asus plans to be cashing in on the Android market by releasing their phone first in Taiwan. Afterwards, they’ll hopefully expand to the other Asian countries too. This would suit me fine as I expect to have my hands on the Android as soon as possible, hopefully courtesy to Asus.

  • Well, if you want a non-HTC Android phone, you can try to order one at zzzPhone, unlocked 🙂 I’m not sure if that’s a scam though… Check it out at

  • neodorian

    @Gilberto: Holy crap. If the site design is any judge of their phone design, I am staying far away.

  • shaun

    When there’s no decent images of even a computer render – run away…

    On the Asus front, could be interesting – and a vast improvement over the glide UI, which looks like a touch flo idea rejection. Perhaps the Galaxy 7 (I think that’s what it’s called) with 5mp camera could be a convert.

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