Motorola Going for Broke with More Android, Less People

Speaking this morning during the Motorola Q3 earnings call, fresh new CEO Sanjay Jha put forth some plans to help turn the ship around for the ailing handset maker.

The first part of the changes include thousands of potential layoffs that may start as early as tomorrow.  Motorola has already shed 10,000 jobs over the last year and a half.  How much more fat is there to trim?

The other bit of news that we picked up was that Android is going to be the software platform used in showcase handsets.  It looks like they’ll be trimming back the number of operating systems to 3, including Windows Mobile and their own proprietary platform for lower end stuff.

This change makes sense to us as we feel that Android is already just as good as what’s been used in other devices from Motorola.  We can’t tell you how many times over the last few years we’ve had to restart our phones because of lblank screens and frozen apps.

The Silicon Alley Insider brings up a great point – willingly or not, now AT&T and Verizon are going to have to carry Android devices.  That is unless, of course, they part way with Motorola altogether.

Source: WSJ by way of Silicon Alley Insider

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