Android Fans are MOTO PISD

Just when we thought we might see an Android handset from the hurting handset maker in the second quarter of 2009, Motorola has to go and pull the rug out.  Second quarter has now become second half.  That’s right kids, don’t expect to see anything Android related coming from Motorola until this time next year.  And that’s if everything goes right.

Motorola announced yet another bad quarter today with their Q3 report.  Sales shrank over 30% year/year and now they only have roughly 8.4% market share.

As we learned yesterday, Motorola does plan to scrape several handset designs and trim back the number of operating systems it will employ.  That alone has to account for the delay in getting Android in the hands of consumers.

This is bad news for the company as several rumored companies are claiming to be hard at work on their own Android devices.  By this time next year, Motorola could be the 4th or 5th company with one.

Source: InformationWeek

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