AndroidGuys App Review: Coloroid

Title: Coloroid
Developer: Benjamin Lewis
Available: Now, Android Market
Cost: FREE

Lasting Impression: Instantly addictive game that resonates with the people who grew up playing Tetris, Flux, Snood, and Bejeweled.

Nitty Gritty: This little game of color matching can take you by surprise.  What seems like a very basic, dull looking game at first starts to draw you in within minutes.  We couldn’t start another app on our G1 until we cleared it.  Although it only took us a handful of times to finish the game, we imagined ourselves coming back to this one down the road, if only to beat our own record.

One of the things we were saddened by was the “short” number of levels to play.  Fortuntely for us, we noticed that the latest version of the game had already fixed that!  Adding a whole chunk of harder levels has us hankering to get back in and see how far we can make it.  Also added in the update is an option to choose how many colors you get.  The default was, and remains six, but now with as low as three colors to use, our children can get in on it.

There’s a colorblind setting that switches up the colors a little bit for users who have trouble discerning certain colors.  Even though we’re not colorblind, we found it refreshing to have a different palette.

For now, this one stays loaded on the G1.  It’s so addictive with its simplicity, that we’re pulling it out and messing with it everytime we have a few minutes to play.  We’ll be keeping an eye on this title for updates.

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