December 21, 2014

Something You Need to Remember? Try Toodo for Android

We know how it is.  You guys have a ton of things to do on a daily basis and don’t want to forget the little stuff.  Why not do yourself a favor and grab Toodo, the manager that allows you to setup tasks to do and to share theme with your friends via SMS?

As Android had great GeoBased capabilities, Toodo can offer geobased notification reminders with captured Textual, audio or Videos notes.  It can even remind you of tasks when you enter specific geographical areas.

Toodo can be synced with Remember The Milk

Download link

Source : AndroidFreeWare

  • Hicham Sabre

    Update : The download link is and the Toodo can also synced with Toodledo

    Last Thing Toodo is also available at AndroidMarket

  • Hicham Sabre
  • Robbi

    Any idea why the app is not visible on the MP in Europe?