No Fennec for Android!

The recently announced Firefox web browser Fennec, which is just in to its alpha version, can’t be developed for Android. Said Jay Sullivan, the Vice-President for mobile at Mozilla, that according to the Google’s requirements, all the apps listed on the Android Market must be developed only in Java where as Fennec uses AJAX. He admitted that if Google allowed to run apps on the operating system with out the need to be written in Java, then they would be interested in developing the Fennec for Android.

The Mozillaites are currently also involved in a research project christened the Weave, that allows us to remotely access our desktop browser’s browsing history, bookmarks, and other personalized settings. It also enables us to remotely share our data literally with the other users and even third parties.

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  • dietrich

    Fennec is developed in C++, Javascript, XUL (XML) and CSS. It is not developed in “AJAX”.

  • Michael Sheeley

    Huh? there is no way Fennec is written in AJAX. It supports Ajax but its not written in AJAX.

  • Michael Sheeley

    dietrich, you beat me to it.

  • Nick W

    This post just knocked about 50 points off the credibility meter.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the comments. I was just reporting what was given on the Fennec site and the other sources. The site at Mozilla says that Fennec uses AJAX, Javascript and et al.

  • coding

    It uses but it is not written in. 🙂

    I know from secure sources that there will be an native SDK for Android in the future so I’m not really worried about Firefox for Android. It will come in the future. 😉

  • Hi,

    Thanks Coding. Guess you put things in to perspective. I used the word “use” rather than write.

  • Andy

    BTW, is there a way I could get a higher res picture of those baby foxes for my desktop? There are adorable.

  • b

    Seriously, this post was stupid… a web browser written in AJAX? LOL!

  • Lukas

    You really should fix the wording in this post, it's kind of embarrassing. This article ranks high in Google when searching for "Fennec Android", and it's very obviously wrong, as other commenters have pointed out. Pretty much every browser "uses Ajax", it's absurd to write a sentence like "Android apps must be developed in Java whereas Fennec uses Ajax" – it's a total non sequitur.

  • eah

    It's also just called "Weave." Not "The 'Weave.'"

  • I'm disapionted it should be developed for android.
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